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Summer/Fall 2014

RUF will not be meeting during the summer months, but please check back with us as the fall approaches to see our plans for the upcoming semester!  In the meantime, if you would like to know more about RUF, please click here.


Fall 2013


    Our RUF Bible study will be meeting every Wednesday night at 8:30pm in Davidson 112.  (It is the SGA Arts and Sciences Student Council room)  Come check it out!  Here's a taste of what we'll be discussing...

     Whether it is from a President leaving office, a military general stepping down, or (my personal favorite) Lou Gehrig's famous "Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth" speech, America has seen some great examples of how powerful a farewell speech can be.  Typically, the more famous someone is, the more impactful their farewell speech.  It is the speaker's last chance to communicate what they believe is most important for their audience to hear.  And that audience is usually made up of people that have loved them, followed them, are saddened by their departure, and very likely wondering "where do we go from here?"  What will they say?!  

     This semester we are going to be studying through what is often referred to as The Farewell Discourse, which is John 13-17.  It is essentially Jesus’ farewell speech to His disciples.  Jesus has been telling His disciples that He is going to be leaving, in fact going to be killed, and they are going to be facing life (seemingly) without Him.  They are overwhelmed, confused, and saddened by life in this world, so what will He tell them?!  Please come join us this semester as we see that Jesus offers true love, joy, and purpose to broken people in a broken world.  

You are invited to join us every Wednesday night at 8:30pm in Davidson 112. 

     RUF is open to all, so please come check us out, and bring a friend!

     Please check our website often, as it will be the best way to get the very latest updates on what is going on with RUF. Also, joining our Facebook group ("RUF Louisville") will keep you informed of the weekly happenings at RUF. If you're interested to find out more about RUF, please click here.


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